Getting a logo or design to look great when printed or embroidered onto a garment can be a real pain, which is why back in 1999 we opted to begin our in-house design team. We’ve always had a consultative approach when working with our clients and offering a design service was a natural evolution.

Our graphic designers have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the different requirements of the printing and embroidery techniques that we offer and as such are best placed to optimise designs for best results.

We ensure your design requirements are specifically tailored and digitised to meet your brief. Whether complex multi-colour embroidery or vinyl heat press onto any range of fabrics and textiles, our design team has the expertise to deliver the goods time and time again.

Naturally, machine type, fabric, lead time and price point are key considerations, and it is always best to chat with our design consultants so that we fully understand your requirements, and can offer the best solution.